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The thing we call life!!!!


Trauma has the definition of a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. It is important that I state that the events we go through in life will impact us all differently and no persons' feelings should be valued more than another, something I learnt from hard lessons in my adult life. Trauma in young people aged 18 and lower goes by the term ACES (adverse childhood experiences). 

I never saw my events as traumatic, looking back now this was a coping mechanism. It was my brains' way of minimalising the events so I did not feel like I had gone through so much. Growing up was traumatic for me in many ways, not remembering my biological mother, who suffered from mental health illness, drug and alcohol abuse and growing up disconnected with the world I live in. I also went through a ray of abuse, domestic violence and at the tender age of 12 attempted suicide. 

Imagine locking all of that away, I thought I was doing well, that's what people did, just on with life. At the time I saw that as strength, however, that was as far from the truth. Going through all of those events, made me able to relate to so many young people.

You are not your actions or reactions they are a manifestation of how you feel from your life events - Gemma Watson 

My main aim was always to be the person I needed growing up, a non judgemental ear, a caring person that saw pass the acting out behaviours or defiance moments in life.  I guess that was and is the reason I will say what I say and fight for young people to be understood. While this was true in my working approach with young people it was not the same approach I had with my peers. I was cut off and shut down from being 100% open or honest of fear of judgement and understanding. 

Now, having worked on understanding trauma, learning the impact it had on myself and my relationships I have grown in my practice but also found strength in vulnerability and speaking my story.

In my time I have supported many parents and young people through their own crisis I can say there is power in owning your life story but learning how to move forward in developing habits and skills that support a healthy and productive lifestyle. - G.Watson - Founder of "The T.H.I.N.K. BIG Project"

How can I move past from my trauma? 

It is different for everyone but I can say there is no shame in getting support via coaching, counselling, therapy or mentoring however, I will say be sure to get a trained professional that can show their impact. Learning is apart of the process and awareness is the start of the healing process.