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Day courses in

- Mentoring 

- Effective Pastoral Care 

- Trauma-Informed Practice 


Well-being checkins


 Secondary trauma is real and support for in protecting our professionals well-being is vital. we offer coaching, supervision or well-being checkins to pastoral staff in education. 

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 Mentoring programme called

Future Leaders Youth

The programme offers 1:1 and group sessions for the ages of 11-25 that have experienced trauma,ACES, demonstrating at-risk behaviours and low-self worth. 

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​One Slot, One Saved

The therapeutic / intervention arm of YourCitySaysNo to serious youth violence being piloted in Croydon.

~ To provide mentoring and therapy (if needed) to support young people at risk of school exclusion or who have already been excluded.

~ To work in partnership with and use the T.H.I.N.K BIG projects ethos to Engage, Encourage & Empower young people aged between 12 & 25 who have experienced ACES (adverse childhood experiences) to  enhance their learning and development through mentoring, training and education opportunities to meet young people's aspirations and life goals.


“ Gemma Edwards-Watson has been an excellent Safeguarding lead throughout her time at Harris Boys Academy East Dulwich.  I’ve been impressed by her depth of knowledge of individual cases and by the relationships she has built up with both students and Social Services teams. She is passionate about safeguarding our young people.”

- School Governor - Safeguarding

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