It all starts with building trust

Triple E's.png
Triple E's.png

"Your are not alone"

"Your not a failure"

"Your not your experiences"

Dispelling Myths

Is it not my child, family or school 

Empowerment is not about blaming. We work with young people and communities to fulfil potential and minimise risk. Our services are designed to engage, encourage and empower all. 

Empowerment  comes from becoming aware and acting in a progressive, not reactive way. Trauma does not discriminate and we can no longer say it is a certain type of family, child or school. We must find the time and space to allow healing and growth through the trauma that has been experienced. 

Our therapeutic approach extends to working with parents to ensure that they get that support they need as well as understand the daily pressures of their children. 

Ready to move forward as well as on please get in touch.