Founder's Experience and Impact

Students supported 

Over 2000

Young people Mentored

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In education

15 Years


Miss Watson, has been working with my son since he was in year 8 and when I address  her to friends and family I actually call her my son's other mum. She really has a way with the boys I truly believe that she is an earth Angel.


When she started working at my son's School, my son was constantly getting internally excluded, he found it very difficult to accept instructions from adults was very disrespectful towards myself and adults and he was on the verge of, permanent  exclusion. 

He was not enjoying school and had lost hope in himself and his education. Miss Watson built up a great rapport with not only my Son but also myself.  I know that Miss Watson took alot of time out to get to know my son on a personal level. Very quickly he felt comfortable around her and was able to disclose things  to her that he found difficult to tell me. 


Miss Watson also set targets that were  challenging  but also obtainable and this helped him tremendously. She has worked endlessly with my son throughout the years, she has encouraged him, assured him, affirmed him believed  in him. Also he now believes in himself and has a new found confidence.


Miss Watson has continued to fight  hard for him and has never gave up on him. When I look at my year 10- about to be in year 11 I am so proud of the young man that he is becoming. I know he is but by the time he finishes in year 11he will have all the tools that are required  to move on to the next stage of his life. 

My family and friends comment on how calm and beautiful he has become. I can honestly say......A colossal part of that is because Miss Watson took him under her nurturing wing!!!!!!! She is like a mum, teacher, friend, Auntie, mentor all rolled into one. She is able to find that perfect balance.


She always checks on him in the holidays which I really appreciate.


She was ordained to work with young people,  she has the potential and is equipped to turn any adolescent that is on a bad path, a whole 360oc. 


I worked in a primary school that was in special measures, working across two year 6 classes. It was apparent very early after a stabbing after school when teachers realised that students had normalised their daily experiences and needed more support. Through 1:1 and group sessions and classroom workshops’ all students in both year 6 classes made three sub levels of progress.

Year 10 cohort of 207 students with poor attendance never passing 94%. After analysing the who year group, contextually looking at the medical, wider context and unauthorised absences only 19 of the 207 students were taking unauthorised absences. Through tailored support, positive reinforcement rewards and tracking the year group achieved 95% end of year 10 and 96% attendance for year 11.

Year 10 student developed panic attacks last week of term, effective self-esteem due to missing lessons, confused on what was happening and worried about GCSEs. Working in the social care sector, I created support plan around staff procedure when student had panic attack. Student received 1:1 and group mentoring. Worked closely with parent, supported very closely during exam process and Student achieved all GCSEs and achieved 1st in degree.

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