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Supporting the implementation and embedding of safeguarding, behaviour and pastoral systems.

During the process we investigate 7 areas of the organisations.

  • Structure – this will investigate the structure of the pastoral, mentoring or support structure alongside the wider support networks in place.

  • Strategy and Systems - investigate the strategy and systems used to track and monitor young people

  • Shared Values – investigate the values that is used and are they shared and identify what values are shared with students served and other teams. We also look at the safeguarding systems in place.

  • Styles – investigate the styles (culture) of the organisation.

  • Staff and Skills – investigate staff approaches and skills. Training in mentoring, effective pastoral care and trauma-informed practice given where needed. 


We then investigate support services both internal and external while ensuring that impact is maximised. 

Student voice is vital in this process therefore, we promote a process that gives a picture of the students experiences of their school life.