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My name is Gemma Watson, I am the founder of "The T.H.I.N.K. BIG Project". My experience comes from working in education and social care. It was while working in education and feeling frustrated I started the organisation however, much of my focus went into ensuring that students with complex needs completed their time within education which was often a battle in itself.


While the need is greater now than ever before that students stay in education, young people and adults are supported in their  life, I have channelled my experiences to provide a range of services that will support building better communities.  

Working with young people my practice starts with me, ensuring I am informed and reflective within all that I do. My time in education has seen me run a range of peer mentoring programmes, managed years groups of 200 students, manage pastoral teams and safeguarding. I am trained in safeguarding to a DSL level, CMI level 7 in leadership coaching and mentoring and studied a range of courses in Counselling and Anger Management as well as Behavioural Neuroscience. My vision is to build better communities, working practices amongst professionals, support systems alongside supporting the community to achieve their potential. 

The T.H.I.N.K. BIG Project was created to empower individuals to think bigger in everything we do. I am very clear in my values and it is time we say enough is enough our young people deserve more. While we want to challenge the educational system we have also extended our vision within the football world. Grey Splashes is created to provide the same empowerment for athletes and the clubs they play for. 

Engagement   | Encouragement | Empowerment 


CMI Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring 

Diploma in Neuroscience and Psychology

CBT | NLP | Mindfulness

Jack Petchey Leader Award 2019

15 Years in education 

20 Years supporting individuals 

17 Years of Mentoring 

Middle Leader in Education and Social care 

Passionate About


Pastoral Care

Trauma-Informed Practice

Trustee Board

Kerry Phillips | Chanel Marshall | Christine Saddler

Advisory Board

Yemi Hughes - Co-founder of Your City Says No

Catherine Rushforth founder of Catherine Rushforth Associates 

Aaliyah Oliver - Young Person

Darcy Pryce - Young Person

Our models for mentoring, behaviour, pastoral care promote growth and development.

The T.H.I.N.K. BIG Project's approach is inclusive fuelled by passion led with maximising impact and growth

Children Embracing in Circle
Teenagers in Library

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Mentoring Tiers
Mentoring Tiers
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Pastoral Model
Pastoral Model
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TB Behaviour Model
TB Behaviour Model
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Holistic Growth Model
Holistic Growth Model
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