Challenging a system that is broken for many

Understanding trauma and ACES is just one step in a trauma-informed approach

Our aim is to

challenge a system that is broken for many to end the education to prison pipeline and build better communities.  

The T.H.I.N.K. BIG Project was created with the mission to challenge a broken system. Our aim is to engage, encourage and empower individuals to create the life they truly want and build stronger communities. 

We Champion

  • support for students with ACES (adverse childhood experiences) - let us not wait until a young person has become at risk of exclusion or NEET. 

  • mentoring support for all - the narrative needs to change for mentoring support for young people it must be proactive and not reactive.

  • restorative work and language alongside an embedded trauma approach - zero-tolerance and trauma cannot go in the same sentence.

Our Call For Action

Education for all - we want to support inclusive and trauma-informed approaches while breaking down barriers that are formed through biases.

Professionals that support young people need continuous training. While experience and relationships are key in supporting young people, it is important that professionals are consistently developing and being supported with their well-being to limit the risk of secondary trauma and long term impact is measured.

Stronger communities - we want to build partnerships with organisations that share the same values and ethos in supporting young people. 

Dispelling Myths

Our Campaign For Change 

No Longer Can We Say it is not our children, family and school.

Our campaign is based on breaking down judgement on children, families and schools. Through a range of services for both young people and professionals, we want to build partnerships that are ready to challenge a system by dispelling myths and empowering all. 


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    Gemma is efficient, passionate and extremely competent in her role. Gemma works in her capacity with a real attention to detail and fully understands the wider picture when dealing with behaviour and safeguarding issues.  Regardless of what tasks Gemma has planned for her day she is always quick to support both staff and students and regularly will drop what she is doing to help. Gemma also has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) allow her to connect with all kinds of people and to inspire them to put forward their best effort.

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